Guardian Program

Guardian Program

Our Guardian program will allow us to expand our dog breeding program with pride and high standards. As a Guardian home, you get a premium lifetime family companion.

We have three guardian home opportunities in 2020.

How it works

Majestic Golden Retrievers will reserve the breeding rights to the Guardian dog

Once the dog has reached maturity (normally 2nd heat for females and 24 months for males) a planned mating will take place at Majestic Golden Retrievers’ residence,

A mating takes 2-3 days, she is then welcomed back to her home where she continues her normal routine. A male is 1 hour every other day for an hour. We do not provide live cover for studding.

10 days prior to her delivery date she will be welcomed back to Majestic Golden Retrievers’ residence and settled into the nursery. She remains with her puppies for up to 8 weeks with all care and expense provided with proper nutrition and supplements.

Families are allowed to visit her and puppies at appropriate scheduled times. Although a joyous time it does need to be handled delicately and we know just what to do and will be happy to advise you.

Your girl will once again be welcomed home and go back to her normal routine the remainder of the year. Heat cycles are every 6 months (we will decide whether breeding will take place once or twice a year depending on health of dog), no dog will be bred more than 5 times total well within proper guidelines. After her litters she is spayed at our expense, and full ownership is granted to your family. Males will be retired between 5 to 7 years of age. He will be neutered at our expense

Full detailed electronic copy of information provided prior to a commitment and a hard copy provided at the time of adoption.

To be considered as a guardian family you will need to agree to the following

Reside within 1 hour of Majestic Golden Retrieves or close to 1 hour and be willing to bring your dog for the required visits (located in Post Falls ID) Must have a vehicle to transport the dog. Be prepared to transport the dog to and from our home when necessary.

Must own your home with a fenced yard or other means of safe play and potty time. Meaning she/he must be monitored 24/7 when outdoors and be on a leash. Or if an electric fence be watched closely. Because even if she/he cant get out doesn't mean other animals can't get in.

No unaltered female/male dogs may reside with you- of any breed or size or even visit the home (where there's a will, there's a way)

Provide routine veterinary care. NO VACCINATIONS past puppy shots, without consulting Majestic Golden Retrievers!

Provide puppy training with a reputable trainer for a minimum of 5 weeks.. Be prepared to crate train, potty train, teach basic commands such as leave it, sit, stay, lay, down, no jumping, no biting.

Must be an indoor dog.

Ensure proper measured feeding and keep a fit healthy dog.

Keep excellent communication with Majestic Golden Retrievers on the wellness of the dog, regular check-ins and photos.

Have the means to keep her/him away from any intact females/ males during her heat cycle- boys are sneaky!

Sign a legal contract with all details. All information provided up front and will be documented for both parties. (will be notarized)

Follow all recommendations on health and care from us. No medical decisions are done with out our consent. All copies of medical records are to be sent to us. Natural living is a bonus, or a home that strives to live chemical free, no flea & tick medications, no heart guard, no chemical shampoos, no shaving the dog, regular nail clippings and ear cleaning.

No dog parks or germy areas where she would be at risk of contracting canine herpes, papilloma or brucellosis. Taking dog to stores, regular parks, and public areas to socialize is okay if done responsibly.

No going up and down the stairs frequently, no excessive jumping, ball chasing, retrieving, running, jogging or walking on a treadmill. Limit activities until 2 years old when growth plate is closed.

Lastly and most important; be a loving family to a precious lifelong companion! The love we have for each animal here should be reflected in the family we choose to take one home. Upon entering this program we are putting full trust into your family to provide a sweet puppy all of the attention and care she deserves.

Here is some basic information about a Guardian puppy you may find helpful

Any puppy/dog eligible to be enrolled in the Guardian Program will be of sound temperament, not have behavior, medical or any otherwise unwanted issues. I would never place a problematic dog in the care of another family, that would not be responsible of me. Furthermore a dog with any serious behavior issues would not be a good candidate for breeding. You would receive a happy, well-rounded loving family pet.

All puppies/dogs here are accustomed to being crated, this is an important tool in both training and providing a comfortable place for the dog to have her personal space.

I do not force any rules that may be considered unreasonable. This will be your dog to love and care for in the best manner for your household. Once settled in you will be better able to determine the best routine for your family and dog. I am here for any advice along the way :)

Majestic Golden Retrievers will pay for all health testing related to genetic, heart, eye, hips, and elbows. If any issues arise that would make this puppy unbreedable, we will discuss a buy out option or will replace the puppy with a new puppy for the program.

On a more personal note

The first step of the Guardian Family process is your entire family is open to bringing home a dog, this decision should be made prior to considering the Guardian option and is a lifetime commitment. We then ensure everything is stated, discussed & answered up front so a sound decision for your family to become a Guardian Family -as well mine- in placing a puppy with your family is made. Following this we will match a Golden Retriever that best suits your family.

Welcoming a new Golden Retriever into your home in any manner- it is a big commitment and does need to be well thought out.

Once an eligible puppy/dog is selected as a good match for your family I send over many helpful suggestions on the care and training tips you may need. You will be free to set the routine for your dog and family.

When time comes for breeding and or whelping you will be fully prepared of what to expect from me. Being part of this experience with your dog and watching her puppies flourish and grow with their mothers love is certainly something wonderful to be part of. I do include the Guardian families in every step of this. When breeding is done right it is a very positive and feel-good experience for everyone involved. Watching that mama lovingly take care of her babies by pure instinct is amazing in itself.

If you feel this is a great opportunity for your family and are ready to welcome a family member, please reach out to us today to discuss options.